It’s good to occasionally get a smoothie recipe that will serve the family and not just one person. This tasty, tangy berry and chia (protein) smoothie is from Jen at TheScrumptiousPumpkin and you’ll find the details over on the next page. Click on ‘Next Page’ below to go there.

If your fruit is ripe you will not need to add sweeteners of any kind, natural or otherwise. However, if you do add honey, maple syrup or agave the calories will increase significantly. So take note, if that matters to you.

This makes a filling snack and will keep in the refrigerator for several days if necessary. Store in an airtight container.

However, serve only two or three and you have a filling breakfast or lunch.

Jen says that each serving of this tasty smoothie is …

… packed with:

 – a ton of detoxifying and hunger-satisfying fiber (13 g, 53% DV)
 – a surprising amount of filling protein (5.8g)
 – lots of manganese, potassium (12% DV)
 – a surprising amount of calcium (14% DV)
 – and tons of immunity-boosting vitamin C (82%DV)


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