Eating a healthy variety of foods is important for our bodies, as the nutrients vary in each. I find the easiest way to get a good mix is to think of the color of the food.  And our sample smoothie fits into our healthy eating weight loss program.

The teacher in Maryea at HappyHealthyMama wanted her children to learn the importance of eating a variety of foods. She also decided the simplest way is to think in terms of color, and this is especially easy in our smoothies, due to the variety of fruit and veggies we can include.

Here’s a list from Maryea indicating what each color is good for …

Red: Great for our heart and blood.


Orange: Great for our skin and eyes.


Yellow: Helps our digestive system.


Green: Great for the whole body and especially our immune system.


Purple/Blue: Helps our brains and good for our bones.


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