I’m always saying smoothie recipes are very flexible. And this delicious recipe from Kirsten Kubert at the ComfortablyDomestic website is a good example. You’ll find the ingredients list when you turn to the next page.

Kirsten’s recipe is for a tasty and beautiful-looking smoothie bowl, but decide for yourself which way you prefer to have your morning energy boost: as a chewy smoothie bowl or as a drinkable, wet smoothie. A smoothie bowl requires less liquid so adjust it to suit your preference. We’ve suggested using some (unsweetened) ginger tea or ginger water which will add some ginger benefits without additional calories.


Did you know cherries, and especially tart cherries, are a great help for muscle soreness following exercise? So adding one of these to your gym bag – keeping it cool – should help relieve the pain.

Research also indicates they may help relieve symptoms of gout and may help you sleep better at night.


I love smoothies and have one every morning, but every now and again I like to chew my breakfast. So I go for a compromise. I still make my morning smoothie, only I reduce the liquid to make it thicker. Note: you have to take care not to damage your blender with a thick mix, so use the pulse button until you see how things go.

When I visit family members who do not have a blender, I’ll still follow my smoothie recipes, and just put everything straight into a bowl. Well maybe not everything. I’ll skip the spinach and fresh ginger (unless there’s a very fine grater to use) and ease up on the liquid a little.


Like most moms, Kirsten finds it frustrating that foods her children devoured as little tykes are no longer palatable to them. She is on a mission to make sure they continue to get all the nutrients they need to grow, even if it means being ‘deceitful’ and hiding the good-for-you stuff in a tasty smoothie. She says …

They are oblivious to the fact that I am filling in nutritional gaps with foods that they might not otherwise willingly consume themselves. Son #1 is on to my wiley ways. He will often try my latest smoothie and exclaim, “This is SO good! What’s in it, Mom? Nevermind! I don’t want to know!”


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