Our bodies were created with various self-protection mechanisms. For example: Inflammation is there to remove harmful stimuli and begin the healing process; it is part of the body’s immune response. And we don’t want to interfere with that.

However, sometimes inflammation can cause further inflammation; it can become self-perpetuating. More inflammation is created in response to the existing inflammation.

It’s a complicated business.

A report from MedicalNewsToday points out that patients should be monitored closely when therapies to combat inflammation are used to make sure that the benefits of inflammation are not completely eliminated …

Neuroscientists at the Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio found that inflammation actually helps to heal damaged muscle tissue. Their findings clash with how sportspeople with inflammation are treated – health professionals always try to control the inflammation to encourage healing. The researchers say their findings may lead to new therapies for acute muscle injuries caused by freeze damage, medications, chemicals and trauma.


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