I haven’t tried grapes in a smoothie. Have you? However, I do like a bit of a tang of lemon or lime in my smoothies. This one is dairy-free. Did you know smoothies are interchangeable. For example, you love the sound of this smoothie but only have dairy in the refrigerator – use it! And the opposite is also true: you’re vegan and a recipe you want to try has full fat dairy yogurt, so, switch the dairy for non-dairy! Smoothies are very forgiving.

Most of all, did I say this smoothie is delicious?

The recipe is from Lindsay Cotter at CotterCrunch. In her article Lindsay talks about Quercetin – it’s a flavinoid which is what gives plants their color, and is full of antioxidants. She says …

Quercetin is commonly found in dark berries/grapes, vegetables, apples, olive oil, and green tea. But it’s no ordinary flavanoid. It’s like the SUPER MOM of flavanoids containing powerful antioxidants and tender loving care, haha.

Lindsay then goes on to introduce us to it.

The two things that stuck out for me were it’s antihistamine effect and that it helps increase blood flow which is good for cardiovascular health. You can read more about it at Lindsay’s website.

I do like to learn about nutrition and will read all the details in a post. Do you?


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