Cranberries are a favorite, nay a necessity, at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, don’t limit them to those periods. You can get them year round from the freezers in-store.

However, don’t forget to take advantage of them fresh, too, when they come in season. If fresh cranberries are not available yet in your area then the frozen ones will do equally well in this tasty sweet-spiced cranberry smoothie.

Cranberries are well known for preventing urinary tract infections but they have other bodily benefits, too. See the video at the end of the post.

The recipe is from Aimee at WallflowerKitchen, and you’ll find the details over the page. Aimee says …

This smoothie is vegan and also banana-free and – using chia seeds to thicken and add some extra nutrition.

The combination of coconut oil, vanilla and the mixed spices create a comforting “freshly baked muffin” flavour, which not only makes this a healthy breakfast but also a really tasty treat.


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