Is it still ‘cool’ to talk about superfoods? Even if it’s not, eating certain foods will boost your health, especially when it’s part of a healthy eating plan and weight loss program.

In this case it’s the kale and the probiotics in the yogurt that are particularly good for you. And when you include the healthy fat in the avocado you get a creamy, filling, keep-you-going-till-lunch sort of smoothie.  Just what we need as part of our healthy eating weight loss program.

This recipe calls for blueberry yogurt, but if you only have natural yogurt then add a few fresh or frozen blueberries.

Making yogurt at home is very easy, especially with one of the modern yogurt making machines. Give it a try and you will quickly recoup your initial outlay on the machine, because it is so much cheaper than buying yogurt from the stores. Plus you know what is in it when you make it yourself.

The recipe comes from Liren Baker at KitchenConfidante who says …

In Julia Mueller’s cookbook, Delicious Probiotic Drinks, this is just one of many good-for you drinks. This recipe calls for blueberry yogurt, which is one of many homemade yogurt recipes in the book, but even if you take a short cut and use a store bought blueberry Greek yogurt, it is just as fantastic. The avocado makes it especially creamy and high in omega-3 fatty acids.


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