If you are like me there’s no time in the morning to do anything more than what is absolutely necessary, ie. get up, shower, dress and out the door. I’m not a morning person. and for many years I didn’t eat breakfast.

Today’s wisdom says breakfast is important, so how can we manage to fit it in without being late for work. (No, don’t tell me to get up earlier, lol!)

Maybe I’ve found the answer: prepare the smoothies ahead of time and freeze them ready to throw in the blender in the morning while you get ready, pour it into a travel cup and you are out of there!  (Recipe at the end.)

The folks at Prevention.com suggest …

… prep five smoothie packs for the week on Sunday. Load all of your measured solid ingredients into zip-top bags. Then, on each bag, write the liquid you’ll need to add to the blender. Store the bags in the freezer until you’re ready to blend.

Sounds good to me. In fact, I can write the full recipe on each bag then re-use it – added benefit? I don’t have to hunt all over for the recipe next time I want to use it.


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