Did you know tomatoes are a powerhouse, chock-full of nutrients? So, too, is this smoothie recipe from Tarladal.com, with its four orange/red fruits and vegetables.  (See the end of the post for the recipe.)

It’s full of Lycopene which has an outstanding antioxidant content – 10 times greater than Vitamin E. It’s great for the Heart and studies at the University of Cambridge, UK, have shown that it relieved damaged arteries.

Other studies have also shown lycopene is good for Bone Health.

Dr Joseph Cheriyan, consultant clinical pharmacologist at Addenbrooke’s hospital and associate lecturer at the University of Cambridge, said …

There’s a wealth of research that suggests the Mediterranean diet – which includes lycopene found in tomatoes and other fruit as a component – is good for our cardiovascular health.

Remember, a healthy diet consists of a wide variety of foods, consumed in various forms, raw and cooked.

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