We often miss opportunities because we think it’ll be too difficult…like “going green” for an overall healthier and wiser lifestyle…

Usually, when I feel that I don’t have time to exercise or to prepare a good healthy meal, in fact I could make the time, if I chose to do so! I guess you’re probably the same…

Anyway, to remove all excuses for enjoying a healthy meal, here’s a simple, nutritious smoothie that take only 30 seconds to prepare. It’ll give you amazing energy for your morning activities.

Simple to make, requires very little prep, and tastes really really good!

Its Sarah Flinn ‘s “Going Green” smoothie recipe (from callmefudge.com)

This smoothie takes about 30 seconds.  It will give you energy all morning.  

It’s full of things that are good for you: protein-packed spinach, fresh pineapple, grapes, and banana.  

You also get to feel cool when everyone asks you what you’re drinking.  

Another perk: it tastes really really good!

See how easy it is to make the Super-Healthy Green Smoothie – recipe on the Next Page…