This tasty recipe for a peaches and strawberries smoothie is just what we need on a warm summer day. The recipe is from TasteOfHome and you’ll find it on the next page.

Peaches are plentiful at the market at the moment in my area – hope they are with you, too. And while there were no strawberries at the market, I can find plenty in the store. So this seems a perfect combination for a tasty summer smoothie. (Even if you come across this recipe out of season, these delicious fruits are always available frozen, too.)

In fact, freezing is a great way to deal with a fruit glut. Take advantage of the great prices farmers’ markets or stores offer when the various fruits are in season. You can enjoy them fresh and when you’ve had enough – assuming that’s before the season ends, lol! – freeze the excess for wintertime smoothie, baking or dessert treats.
As I said, the original recipe is from TasteOfHome, but I’ve included a few suggestions that will help diabetics and those concerned about blood sugar levels to enjoy it, too. Dairy, in the form of milk, yogurt or kefir is a good base from which to start. However, there is more you can do.

We reported on an article by Dr Nina Cherie Franklin in: 5 Strategies for Smoothies for Diabetics where we advise …

And while we give you [Dr Nina Cherie Franklin’s] 5 ‘nutritional strategies that you should follow to ensure that your smoothies aren’t exceptionally high in sugar’ to consider, we still strongly recommend you discuss the information with your health care professional.

Check out the post for the tips.


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