Delicious, low in calories yet filling is a great way to describe this strawberry oat smoothie from Samantha over at FiveHeartHome. Not only that but it’s full of soluble fiber and protein from the oats, calcium and protein from the milk and yogurt and Vitamin C from the strawberries.

Did you know that if you use Greek yogurt rather than ‘normal’ yogurt you’ll get double the amount of protein? So if you want to pack in the protein in this tasty smoothie then use Greek yogurt.

Why would I want to pack in the protein? Protein helps to make you feel full, as does the slow-moving soluble fiber in the oats. So this smoothie should not only set you up well for your day, but it will keep you feeling full longer than a simple fruit smoothie.

Samantha says …

… because I think the oats already give the smoothie an underlying “baked goods” quality — I like to play up those flavors a bit more. So to my regular ol’ smoothie ingredients, I add a smidgeon of cinnamon and splash of pure vanilla extract. But with these Strawberry Shortcake Smoothies I decided to get even wilder and crazier by adding the teeensiest bit of pure almond extract as well. I know … hold me back.


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