Are you a tennis fan?

With the French Open recently finished, Wimbledon starting shortly and then the US Open in a few weeks, we tend to go nuts for tennis in the summer. It gets played at all levels and is a great way to knock a ball around for some healthy outdoor exercise – even if you can’t play!

Why am I waffling on about tennis when you want a strawberry smoothie recipe?

Well, the English go bananas for their strawberries … uh-oh, sorry, I couldn’t resist it, lol! Yes, I did say the English go bananas for their strawberries when Wimbledon comes around! The spectators will munch their way through about 70,000 lbs of the delicious summer fruit during the two weeks of the tournament – not to mention how many more tens of thousands of pounds will be bought throughout the rest of the country.

And while the spectators eat strawberries in abundance, the players get through the bananas.

With so much energy required to get you through a tennis match, we have an alternative way for them (& you!) to enjoy your fresh, summer strawberries (and bananas) – they’re not just for the English, after all! Nor just for a few days in summer.

The recipe is based on one from CourtneysCookbook “where healthy food is yummy food”. Courtney says

I pretty much drink a smoothie every day … they’re such a quick and yummy pick-me-up. They’re also a great way to get a serving of fruit, and an easy way to sneak in some extra protein!


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