I’ve heard of so many people suffering with the nasty cold and flu viruses going around this winter. And I’m doing all I can to eat healthily, with increased amounts of ginger, turmeric and garlic to try to stay clear of the bugs.

I was reading today that in studies, elderberries were shown to fight cold and flu viruses and to significantly cut short the symptoms.

As with many things, you can buy commercial elderberry syrup products over the counter. However, by making your own, YOU control what goes into it: natural wholesome ingredients and no chemicals or additives. It only requires a few ingredients and is quick to make.

The recipe is from YuriElkaim who says …

If you’re wondering where to buy elderberries, fear not. While they may not be available at your local grocery store, you can easily find dried elderberries online or even grow your own elder plant if you feel like exercising your green thumb.


Either way, when combined with a few other health-promoting ingredients, elderberry syrup is a seriously awesome way to improve your health and avoid getting sick.


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