Do you find it seems to take ages some mornings to make your smoothie? By the time you work out what you need and get everything out it’s time to hit the road and you end up with nothing and have to grab something on the run.

We have OVER A THOUSAND SMOOTHIE RECIPES RIGHT HERE on DrinkMeHealthy to help you. Plus many tips and suggestions from folks just like you to help, too.

Brianne at CupcakesAndKaleChips hit on an idea that works really well for her. And she gives us the tip …

I set up a smoothie station right next to my refrigerator with my blender, cocoa powder, peanut butter, ground flax seeds, chia seeds, cacao nibs, vanilla and hazelnut and almond extract, and all kinds of measuring spoons and cups. Then I can just reach into the fridge and freezer to grab all of the other ingredients I need. And I’ve actually perfected what I think is the ideal combination and ratio of ingredients to make a smoothie just how I like it. Having this formula means smoothie-making is now super-quick and doesn’t even require me to be awake enough to think clearly!


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