Today’s slim-down smoothie recipe is a real power booster from Sally ( Looks wonderfull in two tones – if you follow Sally’s directions. Its sooo refreshing, nutrient packed, filled with super foods, with no added sugar.

Sally shares a TON of healthy weight loss smoothie info, tips and nutrition details. Very comprehensive – great to get the creative juices flowing! I’ve included only a fraction here before the recipe on the following page.

Check out the recipe below and let me know how you like it…

Here’s Sally…

I call them power smoothies because they are filled with some of my favorite super foods like apple, spinach, flax, strawberries, and banana. The perfect drink to fuel up for my 100-miles-in-June goal.

As you can see, there are two different layers. I layered this smoothie recipe for two reasons.

  1. Because mixing all of these ingredients together creates one ugly brown/green concoction, horrible for food photography.
  2. Layered smoothies taste better. No?

If you don’t feel like rinsing out your blender for each layer, then by all means – throw all of the ingredients in and blend until creamy, cool perfection.

One layer is a thick green smoothie made from five simple, nutritious ingredients: spinach, frozen banana, ground flax, almond milk, and 1/2 an apple. Feel free to use kale instead of spinach if you prefer. Don’t worry, you can’t taste the greens with all of that banana and apple. There’s nothing worse than a green smoothie tasting like vegetables in my mind.

The other layer is made from strawberries, frozen banana, and almond milk. … So refreshing, especially now when strawberries are in their peak.

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