Detox is a big buzz-word in the health & fitness context. I never really got into detox much, but then I ran across this short article & recipe which explains things as simply and clearly as I’ve seen anywhere

They claim the main benefit of detoxifying is to better prepare your body for a weight-loss regime and so are able to reach your weight loss goals much faster.

Check out the info & recipe below and let me know what you think…

There are different weight loss strategies that you can follow. Exercising and eating right are among the ways, but detoxifying should not be taken for granted.

The Essence of Detoxifying the Body
When your body battles to lose weight, you may feel tired, experience food intolerances, and your immune system may not function well anymore. This could be due to having too many toxins in your body. The best method of getting rid of them is through detoxifying, so that you eliminate these problems and are able to reach your weight loss goals much faster.

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