On a slight side-track from weight loss smoothies, but only just … We have a smoothie formula on the next page.

We like to source healthy, real food, smoothies with no additives and no added sugar. This is the type of smoothie we used to help us lose weight, and we encourage you to try them.

I can get quite blinkered at times and not notice things around me. All my attention is on the given task and I don’t see the opportunities around it.

So, with that thought in mind, have you considered sharing your super-healthy smoothies with your children?

I was reading an interesting article the other day by Megan Gilmore, the Clinical Nutritionist and Health Coach behind the Detoxinista website. Megan was advocating smoothies for babies and toddlers.

I’d given smoothies to school-age children but not younger ones. When you think of all the nutritious ingredients we use in our smoothies, why shouldn’t we share them with our littlest ones! Many of our recipes are for 2 adults and could very easily be shared with one or two young children without stretching them too far. And if they go down well you can make a larger quantity next time.

Plus it’s a great way to hide some of the greens they might not otherwise want to eat!


When Megan makes smoothies for her young son, she says …

In each smoothie, I aim to include the following three categories.

Fruit, which is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber
Greens, which are high in iron and folate
Healthy fats, which are necessary for brain development

The fruit ensures that the overall smoothie tastes good, and then I sneak as many other healthy things into each drink as I can.


What’s so different from what we enjoy each day?

Read on for a formula and a recipe.


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