As always, we like to bring you nutritious, healthy smoothies that will boost your health rather than deplete it. This one is no exception as it contains a wide range of nutrients and fiber, too.

This one is gluten-free for those of you who need to be careful about that. If gluten is an issue for you and you decide to switch out the protein powder for oats, then check they are certified gluten-free.

And if you do not have to worry about gluten, you can still enjoy it, too.

The recipe comes from EAStewart, the SpicyRD, and the details are at the end of the post. She says …

… my secret ingredient that I’ll let you in on now … Frozen Butternut Squash. Oh, don’t be scared! [This smoothie is] super yummy, just like butterscotch pudding. Promise!


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