Fresh seasonal cranberries and sweet vanilla make this creamy, slightly tart/sweet smoothie treat from Cathy at NoblePig a must-try.  You can jump to the recipe at the end of the post if you are in a hurry.

As the weather gets colder I use less ice in my smoothies. And if I have to use frozen fruit or berries I allow them to defrost a bit before making it. This way, I can keep my smoothies going throughout winter – without freezing to death, lol!

Cathy doesn’t agree. She likes ice cold smoothies even in winter …

Even though it’s cold out, I still crave a smoothie a couple of times a week. This time of year I use all the frozen fruit I stashed away all summer. There is nothing like a perfect strawberry smoothie in the middle of November.


However, as I was reaching for the strawberries the other day, I noticed a pack of cranberries I had in the freezer. My biggest aversion to using the cranberry in a smoothie was the tart factor. I knew it would take some sugar to make it palatable, but I was craving a “holiday” taste, something with cinnamon. I figured I’d try it.


Wow. This is my new winter flavor. It tastes like Christmas morning, if Christmas can taste like something. It does have a slightly tart edge but it’s okay, it’s vibrant and refreshing and I will be making it again and again.


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