We have no bananas. We have no berries. We have no pears.

These are just a few of the fruits I usually add to our smoothies to help sweeten them. Even my green smoothies are usually sweetened with fruit.

So I thought it was time to try a savory green smoothie without the addition of the usual fruit.

This tasty, savory green smoothie is filling and has a little spiciness – or a lot, if that’s your preference – to boost the metabolism. The recipe comes from The Blender Girl at HealthyBlenderRecipes who suggests adding a little sea salt, too. Why? Read on …

Celtic Sea Salt – I add a pinch (or more) of this alkalizing, mineral-rich salt to all smoothies to boost the natural flavor of fruits and veggies; temper the acidity of sweet fruits and sweeteners; stimulate the lymphatic system; replenish electrolytes; aid digestion; and help the body access energy.


I do not recommend adding common table salt which is generally heated to extreme temperatures, iodized, bleached, processed, and refined. This salt does not have the same benefits. If you have a health condition that requires you to limit your sodium intake consult your doctor before adding salt to your smoothies.


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