Enjoy this delicious 4-ingredient chocolatey coconut almond smoothie that tastes just like an almond joy chocolate bar but with just a fraction of the calories. Have it for breakfast or as a snack.

I thought it also tasted good enough to have as dessert. However it is a thin mix, so adding a tablespoon of chia seeds helps thicken it up. Another option I’ll try next time is omitting the almond milk and just add some slivers of almonds to the top instead. The yogurt base helps keep a good consistency in a dessert form.

The recipe comes from San at aDashOfSanity who says that his has …

… become one of my favorites. While I was never a big Almond Joy fan, I still always loved chocolate, coconut, and almond. But this classic candy bar in a smoothie is, hands down, my favorite way to eat chocolate right now.

See San’s TIPS at her website for keeping your smoothie well-chilled without diluting it. The link is at the end.


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