I just loved the image of this cavolo nero banana smoothie. This is a green smoothie but looked so different in color I wondered what was in it.

Well, confession time: I had to go look up to see what cavolo nero was, duh! In case you are like me I’ll share!

It’s a curly, very dark leafed member of the cabbage family, and is sometimes known as black kale.
The recipe is from Sarah at MaisonCupcake and the recipe is at the end of the post. Sarah says …

Mornings are not the same for me lately without my therapeutic whizzing up of fruit, veg and seeds in the Vitamix but it’s my steady supply of frozen bananas that helps keep them nicely thick and cold.

I managed to recruit a little helper to peel the bananas. Ted is into jokes at the moment and chuckled to me yesterday, “Why did the banana go to the doctor?”

I don’t know Ted, why did the banana go to the doctor?

“Because he wasn’t peeling very well.” Bah-bum. Although rather obvious I must admit I’d not heard it before.

Come on, Sarah, encourage him: laugh your head off, lol!


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