What bride-to-be doesn’t want to look her best … or mother-of-the-bride or groom … or even as a wedding guests I want to look good, for that matter. So yes, we hit the stores and buy a great outfit, get the shoes, hat, bag, get the hair styled … everything you need to look good.

But hey! What about your skin? With so many off-the-shoulder and strapless styles around we want our skin to look it’s best, too. Creams and potions do a great camouflage job but skin really looks its best when we work from the inside out.

So, along with drinking loads of water … Enter Sally’s Secret Weapon Wedding Smoothie.

Sally from SallysBakingAddiction says …

I’ve been drinking this smoothie everyday for the past month and have noticed a huge difference in not only my energy, but my skin has never looked better.

And the best part? This green smoothie actually tastes good. Like, really really good. It’s now one of my favorites …

I feel so silly that I’ve spent so much money this past year on creams and moisturizers to improve my skin tone.

Though they are certainly helpful, I firmly believe that the quickest way to glowing skin is not in your makeup bag. It’s in your food.

Recommend drinking this daily or at least several times a week for a month to six weeks before the wedding.

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