Here’s a super simple smoothie that will jump-start any day of the week.

Many people, including myself, find creating smoothies to be rather enjoyable. You can consider yourself a cutting edge alchemist blending and matching different smoothie ingredients.

Also if you are too busy in your daily activities, you can put some ingredients into a blender and whip up something – not only delicious but also super healthy smoothie, filled with nourishing ingredients that your body needs.

An enjoyable green smoothie from Liza (at Body Redesign Online)  – she tells a short story on how she accidentally create a healthy and delicious smoothie.

As Lisa says…

green-mango-smoothieI realized just in the nick of time that I could blend up all my spinach and kale with a little water, add some mango and banana, and have a beautifully simple, healthy creation that didn’t actually taste like spinach or kale.  

And that’s how this recipe came to life.

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