In my early days of trying to make smoothies, I hit a few challenges – maybe you have the same…

Sometimes there would be tiny bits and pieces of spinach (it was usually the greens) left in between my teeth, and the flavor wasn’t always to my family’s liking.

I had a puzzle to be solved, and solved it was – when I eventually bought a decent fast blender and discovered what a difference it made to both texture and time!

Now I can consistently make “perfect” green smoothies that taste so oooooh-la-la “creamilicious”! And the family (even the grand-kids) look forward to their daily delicious smoothie.

Here’s a great example of an excellent green smoothie recipe from Dianna (at Chard in Charge website) – Absolutely amazing flavor to share! Scroll down for the recipe.

But before that, here’s something from Dianna…

Why is this green smoothie “the perfect” green smoothie? Because I’m a genius, of course! No, not really. The ingredients create the magic themselves. Avocado and banana make it creamy, while dates and frozen mango add sweetness to balance out the slight bite of fresh greens.


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