My norm is for a large green smoothie to start my day. But sometimes I don’t want a large one; just a little one, please. And if you make it light and refreshing too, that would be great. Thanks.

Oh, you’re not offering? I’ve to make it myself? Oh, well, I choose to go make this refreshing summery green smoothie from Lexi at LexisCleanKitchen. There’s nothing particularly summery about the ingredients list but it fits the bill. And it’s small.

Well, actually, that’s a bit of a con as it’s really a normal size smoothie but I’ve just poured it into more glasses! Did you think of that one? It’s handy if you know you’re going to have a busy day and will need a snack when you get home from work and need time to make dinner. A full glass would put me off my meal, and a little glass of smoothie tides me over nicely. Much better than hitting the cookies. (Tip: the pineapple is strong enough to keep the greens from dominating. No problem when I make it, but that sometimes happens when I leave a smoothie in the refrigerator for later.)

Lexi says of her recipe (see the details at the end) …

I LOVE this smoothie. I first tried a variation of it from my local Whole Foods and thought about it way too much for days after. Naturally I needed to make my own little version of it … Creamy. Packed with flavor. Tastes DELICIOUS (I promise). And Packed with nutrients to fuel your day.


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