It’s the middle of January and it’s freezing cold, dark and horrible in this neck of the woods. I’m so thankful for a cosy home, but I need something to cheer me up and brighten my day…

And I found it in this refreshing pick-me-up smoothie from Sally McKenney Quinn (of SallysBakingAddiction). There’s zing and sweetness from the citrus and apple, lots of green healthiness all held together in creamy banana smoothness, and with just a little spiciness to liven it up.

Just what the doctor ordered for such a yucky day, lol!

In fact Sally fills us in thus …

We’ll start with a frozen banana. I always have bananas in the freezer because they’re the secret to making super thick, creamy, ridiculously smooth…uh, smoothies.

Sort of similar to ice cream. It’s miraculous.

In case you haven’t tried it before, go grab a banana. Peel it, slice into chunks, and freeze. Your life is about to change.

And I love the idea of a smoothie bowl.

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