I love hot apple cider with cinnamon in the winter months. However, as we are heading for summer (optimist that I am, lol! – it’s still only in the 40s here!) here is an apple cider smoothie with cinnamon to fit into our healthy eating weight loss plan.

I’ve given you two options here:

First, we have a tasty low calorie smoothie made with nonfat yogurt, and no added sugar;

Second, we have a tasty smoothie that is filling enough to replace a meal, if you wish to do so. The only difference is the fat in the yogurt. This one has full fat yogurt. Not only does fat make food tastier, it fills you up so you will not crave between-meal snacks.

The choice is yours. Why not test them both and see the difference?

The original recipe is from Gayle at PumpkinNSpice who says …

Filled with fresh apple cider, creamy Greek yogurt, and apple chunks, this smoothie … is a refreshingly delicious drink. On the healthier side and full of flavor, this smoothie is perfect to sip … It’s thick and bursting with apple cider goodness. So if you love apple cider as much as I do, then this is a must-make smoothie for you.


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