I just ran across this cool detox smoothie recipe from Seija (at potful-power.com) where they share an idea new at least to me. It’s quick, easy and detoxifying – a detox smoothie with beetroot.

There is some info on detox in general and advice on using a nutritional powder (which I don’t usually include).

But maybe it’ll give provide a couple of different triggers to get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with some great new ideas for your own smoothie recipes.

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As Seija says…

Detox, as a definition from the mirror: “Avoid foods like meat, cheese, white flour, sweets, alcohol, nicotine and coffee for a few days.”

In general a detox cure consists of many fruits and vegetables and plenty of fluids, especially water.

Actually indispensable when you want to detox your body is the beetroot, which not only got a wealth of folic acid, potassium and iron but also a bundled package of essential detoxing ingredients.

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