Skip the sugary cereal and energy drinks and indulge in a green power smoothie to start your day with a bang and give you bags of energy. Can you have too many green smoothies? The evidence is building that green smoothies give you more energy and help keep you going for longer.

As well as the nutrients from the kale and fruit, this smoothie is chock-full of almonds that provide healthy fat and curb the appetite.

In his report, the writer at BuzzFeed tells (of the business he is reporting on) that …

… they pre-batch all the ingredients except the soy milk, then freeze them in single portions in 16-ounce cups.

To do this at home, just chop the kale, pear, and banana into bite-sized pieces and freeze in an air-sealed cup, container, or bag with a tablespoon of almond butter.

There are two tips we can take advantage of in our busy households:
1. Freeze your chopped ingredients in the take-out cup you plan to use;
2. Measure your milk in the same beaker, to save time on washing before you hit the road.


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