Date and walnut must be one of my all time favorite combinations – whether it’s a loaf with butter, a cake (with coffee, of course!) or just a few dried dates and walnuts together as a snack … mmm! Couple this with my new favorite, healthy, probiotic kefir and we have a delicious breakfast smoothie.

Probiotic fermented foods are good for gut health and I’ve been trying kefir instead of my more familiar old favorites of yogurt or cottage cheese. I like the flavor which is ever so slightly cheesy – in a nice way, not the stinky-smelly-socks way, lol!

As I like to replace a meal, usually breakfast, with a nutritious smoothie, I like to add some extra protein and fiber to my smoothies, so I usually include oats and seeds or nuts. Oats are filling because they move slowly through the gut. And chia seeds, for example, bulk up as they absorb liquid, also moving slowly. The result is a smoothie that keeps me going for several hours. These are staples that, as part of my healthy eating plan, have helped me lose weight.

The recipe is from CulturedFoodLife where Donna Schwenk writes …

Dates are packed with vitamins and minerals … [and] sulfur. Sulfur is essential for life and makes up vital amino acids used to create protein for cells, hormones, enzymes, and antibodies.


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