The scientists are saying a persimmon a day could save you from a heart attack!

It’s only fairly recently that I had my first persimmon. I’d heard or them, read of them, seen them in the stores, but never tried one. I was surprised how delicious a ripe persimmon was. (I have to confess I didn’t know what a ripe persimmon should look like so the first few I had were not quite ripe, but good nonetheless.)

According to James Chapman at MailOnline, the scientists are saying …

… persimmons contain significantly higher concentrations of dietary fibre, minerals and phenolic compounds … all vital in fighting atherosclerosis in which the arteries become blocked – a leading cause of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke.

A separate research project … showed that a diet rich in persimmons improved lipid metabolism – the way the body copes with fat – in laboratory rats.

Project leader Dr Shela Gorinstein, a medicinal chemist, said their high contents of fibres, phenolics, minerals and trace elements ‘make persimmon preferable for an anti-atherosclerotic diet’.

They contain twice as much dietary fibre as apples and more of the major phenolics, or antioxidants thought to ward off cancer and help prevent blood clots … Dr Gorinstein said eating one medium-sized persimmon a day was enough to help fight athero-sclerosis.

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