Mornings can be so busy you just can’t take on anything more – even when you know it’s really healthy and really good for you … like green smoothies.

Or maybe you have a busy week ahead and need to be super-organized to get through it and you thought you’d have to skip your morning smoothies.

Well, we have the answer you were looking for!

It comes from Rachel at CleanFoodCrush and the recipe details are on the next page. Rachel says …

Instead of spending 10 minutes EACH morning, deciding/finding/cleaning and preparing smoothie ingredients, you can prepare 2-3 weeks of morning smoothies all at once, in about 20-25 minutes total!

Add that up! … You just “found” yourself 10 minutes per day x 2 weeks
= over 2 hours SAVED!

THIS is why prepping ahead is EVERYTHING!

(imagine implementing this technique with several projects!)

You are also more likely to drink a Green Smoothie everyday if it’s ready to drop right into the blender!


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