It’s essential to keep yourself well hydrated when you’re active & doing exercise…

A great way to make this easier is to prepare a post-workout green smoothie in advance. This green smoothie will than play the main role in supplying your body – which will need to be replenished, to recover and adjust to the training stimulus that you just provided during your workout.

Hydration – Sipping a green smoothie will help you to hydrate before and after doing exercise. Because during exercise we lose a lot of water through sweating and the higher rate of breathing. If we aren’t hydrated then our performance in exercise declines and the ability of our muscles to work properly post exercise also fades.

So here is a wonderfully refreshing green smoothie for your post workout. Its from Laura (at Incredibly Edible website) and is packed with nutritious smoothie ingredients: Brocoli, Kale, Chia seeds, Avocado and more..

As Laura says…

This green smoothie is loaded with vital nutrients to help support recovery, these nutrients include: vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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