But how do you get into them?

Tracy suggests …

To remove the seeds and juice pods (arils) in pomegranates, cut the pomegranate into quarters. While holding the corners, press your thumb into the center of the rind. This will cause the arils to losen up and you will be able to remove them easily. It is perfectly okay if you get some of the pith (white part) in your smoothie, too.


And how do you eat them?

You can eat the whole seeds. Although most smoothie recipes I saw suggested using juice.

Tracy prefers to make her own juice and says …

To juice the pomegranate, simply empty the seeds in a strainer and smash them with a spoon. Make sure you place a metal bowl under the strainer. Pomegranate juice stains, so be careful!

Much of the nutrition, especially the healthy fat and fiber, are contained in the arils (the juicy pods that include the seeds) so it is good to use the whole fruit if possible. Unfortunately, pomegranate seeds can be a challenge to puree even in a high-end blender. You might still get a little seed grit if you blend it slightly longer, but it’s not bad.


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