Luscious red plums, almonds and a splash of balsamic vinegar; add some whey left over from making greek yogurt, and you have one tasty, healthy smoothie.

I love to make yogurt; have done for years. It tastes much sweeter when it is fresh and has not been sitting on a shelf somewhere for a week before I get it. From time to time I’ll strain it to make Greek yogurt, or strain it for even longer and make soft cheese. I often go through phases of doing this, so I end up with loads of whey building up in the refrigerator.

I usually use the whey in pancakes and biscuits/scones as it gives a lovely light texture to them. However, I’ve been on this healthy-eating plan for several months now and not had the excuse to make pancakes and scones. So what can I do with all this whey I’ve got?

I came across a delicious-sounding recipe for plum, balsamic and whey sorbet from Cheryl Sternman Rule at TeamYogurt, and thought it would make a great base for a smoothie. Although Cheryl is speaking of her sorbet recipe, the same tips apply when she says …


To achieve this vibrant color, look for plums with dark skins and deep red flesh. If you regularly make homemade yogurt and save the whey, this is a spectacular way (homophone alert) to use it.


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