This smoothie is not only tasty but it’s good for easing tummies, too. The recipe is from Monique at AmbitiousKitchen and you’ll find the details over on the next page.

And not only is it tasty and good for tummies but it’s also a low calorie smoothie, so it is easy to fit it in if you do have an upset tummy, without ruining your healthy eating weight loss plan.

Monique tells us about the ingredients …

Banana: Wonderful source of potassium, an essential mineral.

Pineapple: Helps you digest protein & contains the enzyme bromelain.

Greek yogurt: Full of probiotics.

Ginger: Used to reduce nausea or upset stomach, can help aid in digestion

Turmeric: A well-known anti-inflammatory

Chia Seeds: Contain omega-3s, fiber & protein


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