Discover Kym’s magic formula for the perfect skinny smoothie for breakfast or post-workout…you can use this as model and adapt each making to suit your own flavor and lifestyle preferences.

Whether its a vibrant tang or tropical infusion, smooth, refreshing, and creamy, always richly nutritional with healthy greens, sometimes an energy booster, and sweet enough – your perfect skinny smoothie every time.

On the Next Page we’ve included the “bare-bones” Recipe Formula – with just ingredient categories, plus a second version with ingredient examples to choose from, for each categories.

Just follow the magic formula every day for delicious, nutritious skinny smoothies

Here’s what the originator, Kym Votruba (from SkinnyMs), has to say…

At SkinnyMs., we’ve got your healthy breakfast or post-workout pick me up down to a science.

No, really, we’ve developed a no-fail, easy-to-follow formula for the perfect smoothie. Whether you like a little bit of flax seeds with your berries or a dash of cinnamon in your coconut milk blend, we’ve got you covered.

  • Bleary eyed at 6am? Follow the formula.
  • Wiped after your afternoon run? Follow the formula?
  • Need to whip up a batch of smoothies for friends and family? Follow this magic formula that guarantees smoothie recipe success every time.


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