Oh dear, oh dear, is that a bad pun or is that a bad pun, lol! I regularly put a handful of both spinach and kale (the pair) in my smoothies just to get the benefit all those greens give, and with a pear in this one too, well, I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t resist the bad joke.

Anyway, I do love green smoothies and this one from JoyTheBaker is another for the arsenal when fighting for good health. However, here’s a question for you: can anyone tell me why spinach has only 8 calories but kale has 33 for the same handful? Ok, kale is darker and curlier, but why does that add calories? Is it any wonder, when trying to keep the calories low that we plump for spinach first.

In case you are worried about having lumps of green in your smoothie, even when I throw the kale stalks in too, I agree with Joy when she says …

Believe it or not, kale and spinach blend up perfectly into a smoothie.

I know! I totally had my doubts…. but it works.

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