Banana-less smoothies are few and far between – most recipes include one for it’s creaminess and for the sweetness it adds. However, we have a banana-less smoothie here for those of you who often ask for one.

Peanut butter is a regular favorite ingredient in smoothies and always tastes good in them. One spoonful per person is typical, however, this recipe has even more delicious PB flavor due to an extra spoonful, mmm!

Add to that the strawberry ‘jelly’ flavor and some tasty granola and we have a nutritious and filling breakfast smoothie. And a winner, at least I think so. What do you think?


The recipe is from Gayle at PumpkinNSpice, who says …

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are still a favorite of mine, so I decided to take my love for this classic dish and put it into drink form. And to add the finishing touch, I topped it with some crunchy granola. Sounds pretty good, right?


And besides the sweet and delicious taste, this [smoothie] is so easy to whip up! Simply combine [in] the canister of a blender and blend away.


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