Radiant with vivid citrus and refreshingly tangy mango, thickened with decadent cashews, this orange-mango smoothie (from Ashley Madden) is sure to delight and bring happy smiles to sun-tanned faces wherever you are!

So make sure and try this for yourself… Raise your Mason jars, and enjoy!

Here’s Ashley Madden, struggling to find a healthy vegan choice on the menu…

Too often I find myself sitting on a sunny restaurant deck, basking in the sun, sunglasses and flipflops on, only to have my summer mojo brought to a screeching halt.

It comes time to order some fun, fruity drinks with umbrellas, and I’m usually left out.  The only fun, summa-time drinks on the menu are loaded with artificial ingredients, milk, cream or other things I generally decline, politely, of course.

After one too many boring lemonades, I decided it was time to take my summer sipping into my own hands and make my own festive and delicious beverage, one deserving of a colorful, swirly straw!

So on a hot day, when looking for a healthy, vegan, and thirst-quenching drink, you can slurp on this Orange-Mango Creamsicle Smoothie.

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