Having a nutritious breakfast green smoothie in the morning sure takes the pressure off when you are struggling to open your eyes in the morning. Avoids the embarrassment of a grumbling tummy – among other things!

This green smoothie is very simple that it takes you just 5 minutes to make, just drop everything in and blend it all. So Easy!

You get full advantage of the amazing healthy green smoothie benefits – energising, cleansing, lower blood cholesterol, better digestion… and tasty!!

So glad I came across this amazing website from Valentina (kitchenhighlights.blogspot.com) – a home cooking inspiration.  As Valentina says…

This vibrant green smoothie combines the nutrient-rich kale with the sweetness of bananas and apples.

It’s light and creamy and extremely easy to prepare. It’s also cold and refreshing suitable for the last few hot days of this year

Beside antioxidants, kale is also rich in fiber thus lowering blood cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease. It’s no wonder kale is also called “queen of greens”.

Try to incorporate it in your diet in order to take full advantage of its fantastic health benefits. A delicious green smoothie can be a wonderful way to enjoy kale.

Kale is available year round.


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