Trying something new can bring on a variety of reactions. Some love the adventure and dive in head first. Another may tip his toe in the edge and turn and run. Yet another will do the same and then venture carefully forward. What do you do?

It’s the same when offering someone a green smoothie for the first time.

The recipe comes from Jeanette at JeanettesHealthyLiving and you’ll find the details at the end of the post. Jeanette says that while on summer vacation, her family was offered …

… little shot glasses of green smoothies at breakfast. Who can resist anything that’s free and comes in a cute little glass, right? Well, there were a lot of perplexed looks around the table as everyone tried to figure out whether or not to try the green concoctions. With a family of all boys who love some competition, trying the little glasses of green smoothies turned into a challenge. My oldest son, the pickiest eater in the family, surprisingly took the plunge first, and gave it a thumbs up. Once everyone realized it couldn’t taste that bad if their older brother drank it, we all followed.

There was definitely a mental block we all had to get over – a green drink doesn’t have to taste like a savory dish of vegetables. This year, I am challenging myself to eat or drink more vegetables at breakfast. Smoothies are a quick way to get multiple servings of fruits and vegetables into one glass, so if I can start my day off with a fruit and vegetable smoothie, I’ll have packed in at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables before my day gets started.


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