Fresh, sweet, Fall apples make this one tasty smoothie.

A few years back I lived in England. On a few occasions we were able to go picking apples from the Queen’s orchards at the Sandringham Estate which was close enough for a fun outing. Not being from an apple growing area, I’d never picked a fresh apple straight from the tree before, so these were quite special times.

I no longer live there and still don’t have apple orchards nearby, so nowadays I need to rely on my local store or farmers’ market for my apple supplies. But I still think it’s special when the new apple season comes around.

This delicious smoothie recipe comes from CreatedBy-Diane who says …

Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon is such a great flavor for breakfast that this smoothie will become your new favorite especially as you’re running out the door and need something delicious and filling [that’s] not loaded with sugar.


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