This tasty almond and blueberry smoothie has 27 grams of protein – pretty good, considering there is not a dry protein powder in sight!

However, don’t overdo the protein in your diet. If you are not active enough and therefore using all your calories, excess protein is no better for you than an excess of any other food groups. For any unused protein is stored as fat. Sorry, you just cannot get away from it.

The milk, Greek yogurt and almonds used in the smoothie are all good sources of protein. And while almonds may be, unfortunately almond milk is not. It goes without saying that if you introduce the almond meal (leftover from making the almond milk) into your smoothie you will increase the protein.


Izzy at SheLikesFood usually makes green smoothies …

… but today I’m all about the Blueberries! They give this smoothie such great color and who doesn’t love blueberries?! The blueberries also go really well with the kick of lemon I’ve added in here that will help to wake you up in the morning!


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