While chocolate is wonderful for most folks, it is a migraine trigger for many others. For my Mom it was most dangerous when combined with orange.

Do you suffer in a similar way?

Then maybe this smoothie will help you enjoy the flavor of chocolate without the nasty side effects. The trick is to use carob powder instead of cocoa/cacao powder.

We have a number of smoothies on our website that contain cocoa/cacao powder; you can subsitute carob powder in any of them.

The smoothie also uses nut milk. These are very easy to make; they just need a little time – a few hours to soak the nuts – a blender and a nut bag or close-weave cloth to strain the meal. Check out our post Homemade Nut Milks – Plus 3 Flavors for directions, or see page 3 of the 4-Ingredient Coconut Strawberry Smoothie post linked at the end for homemade coconut milk.


Today’s smoothie recipe is from Nathalie at VanilleVerte. Nathalie also has directions on how to make nut milks on her website. As someone who finds chocolate triggers migraine, she says …

Made with homemade almond or hazelnut milk … almond butter, dates, bananas and carob powder, this smoothie does not use any refined sugars, is packed with protein and energy boosting ingredients, and tastes absolutely divine as well.

If, like me, you haven’t had chocolate for a long while and are missing it, be ready to taste it and weep.


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