No it’s not mint and choc chip ice cream but it runs a close second in my opinion and you can spoon it out if it makes you feel better, lol! Hmm, (thinking noises … ) wonder what would happen if I freeze it … ?

Anyway, back to business and Michelle’s smoothie recipe. Michelle’s website is Vitamin-Sunshine and you’ll find the details of her recipe at the end of the post, over the page.

Michelle says …

This smoothie is almost too good to be true. It tastes too much like a milkshake. I love that the mint extract covers the green taste of the spinach, allowing the base of this smoothie to be mostly vegetables. I use fresh frozen spinach because it’s easy and makes my smoothies super icy and thick.


I don’t recommend subbing out the coconut milk. It adds sweetness and makes it uber creamy, so I find no need to add sweetener. When I first started making this, I did add about a teaspoon of honey. It mellows out the peppermint and balances the tang of the yogurt, but I no longer find it necessary.


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