Milk is so good for you it’s a shame to ignore it at breakfast, especially when it is packed with protein which is the best way to start the day. We don’t do sugary cereal in our house, working on the basis of what you’ve never had you don’t miss. We have allowed the kiddos an occasional ’treat’ on vacation, choosing the least sugary versions of cereal. but we opt for healthy wholegrain muesli, granola, porridge etc on a daily basis – I make my own, using fruit to sweeten.

Sommer, at A Spicy Perspective, has come up with a fun alternative to cereal and milk: milk with a little cereal in the form of a frothy, tasty smoothie. Here’s what she says …

Why do I always feel guilty when I open a box of junky cereal?

Probably because I know I’m going to fill up on sugar and empty carbs, with a splash of milk. I can’t possibly stay focused throughout the morning after a breakfast like that, and I know my kids can’t either.

Yet what if we flipped the proportions on the daily milk and cereal combo? …

One look at the nutritional label on a carton of milk and you can see the facts clearly. Milk only containers 3 simple ingredients: milk, vitamin A and vitamin D. It’s not a beverage made up of all sorts of fillers and chemicals. It is naturally nutrient-packed!

Sommer lists 5 things you might not know about milk. I think number 4 is the best. I’ve summarized them on the Next Page