Who else wants to save time & money on their healthy smoothies, without compromising flavor? That’s what this post is about. You’ll get a great approach to very efficiently and cheaply preparing your smoothies, as well as a super recipe recommendation from budgetbytes.com.

Check out the approach & recipe below and let me know how you like it…

Here’s the approach from budgetbytes.com…

I’ve got another quickie for you tonight. It’s more of an idea than a recipe. I’m sure a lot of you Budget Byters already stock your freezers with these handy smoothie packs, but I wanted to share the tip for those who may be new to the kitchen. Not only does this make smoothies faster and easier to make, but they’re a fraction, a small fraction, of what you’ll pay at your local smoothie counter.

So, the formula is easy.

  • Three one pound bags of frozen fruit of your choice, and four bananas.
  • Divide the frozen fruit up into 8 bags, and place half of a peeled banana in each bag as well.
  • Seal them up tight and toss them into the freezer.

When you’re ready to make your delicious smoothie…

  • place the frozen fruit in the blender,
  • add milk (or soy or almond milk),
  • and whatever else you want
  • and press go!

No more hauling ten ingredients out of the freezer every time you want to make one smoothie. Just grab one bag and add a liquid.

Sure, I also add spinach, cinnamon, and ground flax seed, but it’s still way easier to have the fruit divided up. And it only takes about 5 minutes to make all 8 packs.

Recipe recommendations coming up – see Next Page for how to prepare the smoothie packs. Favorite recipe follows…